These Are The Worlds Most Expensive Countries To Live


It is perhaps no surprise that the countries of Europe and Asia are in the top 10 most expensive places in the world in 2020. So if you’re planning to make a big international move, you’d better take note of this new study.

Switzerland, Norway and Iceland top the list of the highest cost of living indices, according to new data from CEOWorld.

The data was collected from a series of studies that analyzed five main parameters, including cost of living, rent, shopping, restaurant meals, and electricity costs.

With New York City as a reference because of its expensive reputation, nations with a score of more than 100 mean that the country is more expensive than the famous city.

France, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates are the 14., 16., 20., 27. and 32. Countries that live the most expensive this year.

While Switzerland is on the list as the most expensive place, it also has the most expensive restaurant prices, food prices and electricity prices.

In comparison, Pakistan is the lowest country to live in with a cost of living index of 21.98.

Top 5 most expensive countries to live in 2020


note: 122.4

The picturesque mountains of the country, picturesque villages and impressive ski resorts have their price, Switzerland becomes the most expensive country in the world.


note: 101.43

The Scandinavian nation, known for its beautiful mountains and glaciers, is one of the most expensive countries in Europe.


note: 100.48

After its northern neighbor, the stunning country ranks third among the most expensive places in the world.


Note 83.35

Hosting the 2020 Olympics, Japan is the most expensive nation in Asia to live in.


Note 83

The Scandinavian country, with its medieval cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, is a picturesque destination worth every penny.

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