Luxury Hotels Of World Announce Sta Smally Stay Safe


As recent times restrictions dwindle around the world, Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) has launched a “stay small, stay safe” initiative to deliver improved health and safety policies to all 520 Member Hotels in 90 countries.

Nearly 230 SLH member hotels have already reopened to travelers, the rest will follow in the coming months.

SLH’s diverse boutique collection includes everything from mature-only hotels and modern design venues to historic villas and secluded private islands.

“Travelers are yearning for a change of scenery and have already started cautiously booking their next adventure.”- Jean-François Ferret

The “Stay Small, Stay Safe” program is designed to keep guests safe as they prepare to explore the world again.

A recent SLH guest survey found that more than 90% of travelers would feel more comfortable in a small, independent hotel.

With only 50 rooms on average, Luxury Group properties offer secluded and discreet options with the highest standards of security.

To ensure these standards, SLH has partnered with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) to obtain GBAC STAR accreditation for its hotels.

The performance-based cleaning, disinfection and infectious health-issue prevention program helps hotels minimize risks from transmissible pathogens and Biohazards.

GBAC STAR accreditation offers third-party validation to ensure hotels have proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques and working practices.

“Travelers want a change of scenery and have already started booking their next adventure with caution,” says Jean-Francois Ferret, CEO of SLH. “With these new measures, SLH can convince every guest of a carefree stay.”

In addition, a “Stay Small, Stay Safe” module is introduced on the SLH website, which helps clients and travel advisors make informed decisions.

The recent updates on border openings, quarantine restrictions, best practices and recent times precautions information at each hotel are also provided.

The SLH Quality Assurance Policy updates the secretdevoted Inspection program’s 700-point checklist with 136 additional checkpoints regarding health, safety and cleanliness standards conducted annually at all 520 hotels.

Increased sanitary standards will be crucial for the safety and comfort of every guest and employee when hotels are reopened.

“The ability to be flexible and adapt is essential to this time, and our devoted member hotels can do this in a thorough and tailor-made way,” says Jean-François.

“We look forward to warmly and safely welcoming our guests to our exceptional properties.”

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